Thursday, October 13, 2011

Christian's C.R.I. Fly Reel Collection

This is yet another T.F.M. post which gives us an inside glimpse to Christian Hörgren's fly rod and reel collection with his recent completion of his Catskills Research Institute (C.R.I.) fly reels which were made by Cortland a few years back.

Christian wrote...  "Here are a few pics of my C.R.I. fly reel family.  I also own one of the rods, but since it's a graphite rod, let's just enjoy it as a member of the family.  I also used a UFM UEDA Super Pulser on some of the pics, a rod which was manufactured during the same time as the C.R.I., but with less expensive appointments and materials. Unfortunately the C.R.I. family did not include any fiberglass rods." 

"To compensate the lack of fiberglass, I paired the smallest reel, the 2100 in silver, up with a Fenwick/Tiemco Continental Tourer.  I must say this is a fantastic combo, and it's all Japanese - despite the American labels."

Christian...a classic match for glass and I certainly wish that these fly reels were still made.  I'll have to keep my eyes out for a couple of them.



fantastic!!! What a collection!! great photography too! love them all!! : )

Cameron Mortenson said...

Mark...I really enjoy putting up posts from Christian since the information and photos are so excellent.

Brian Shaffer said...
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Brian Shaffer said...

Delicious! Nice reels and a very cool Fenwick rod in the mix too.