Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tightloop Fly Rods Euro Dispatch

Who knows what I'd be doing if there wasn't the internet.  Maybe I'd be pen paling with a dozen or so glass geeks and never know the difference of what it's like to come across anglers and rod builders from all over the world who prefer fiberglass fly rods over all others and see the stunning places that they fish.

Recently I met George Minculete of Tightloop Fly Rods through the T.F.M. Facebook page.  Besides being quite an excellent fly builder with a few Steffen blank builds under his belt, he also spends his time on the water in various areas of Europe including Romania, Slovenia, and the Austrian Alps.

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George sent along a few photos to share of his most recent fiberglass fly rods adventures with his Steffen 6'6" 2/3 weight builds catching brown trout, brook trout, and rainbow trout as well.

Check out the Tightloop Fly Rods website for more photos of George's excursions and of his fly rod builds as well.

Rest assured this will not be the only post you'll see about George Minculete.  The fellow's got skills.

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George Minculete, said...

Thanks for the kind words Cameron!