Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Willow Classic Reel Arrives

You may have noticed, and I certainly hope that you did, the Willow Classic Reels advertisement that showed up on the sidebar of T.F.M. a couple weeks ago.  Trade for the ad space was a Maple Burl Inlay fly reel which arrived this past weekend which is even more beautiful in hand than in these photos. 

This Willow Classic fly reel just may be to pretty to fish.  We'll see.  I'd feel terrible to scratch it up but I'm sure before to long I'll get brave with it and take it to the river.

Check out the Willow Classic Reels website for more information about these handmade fly reels made one at a time.    

1 comment:

Jory Ward said...

That thing is beautiful, a work of art. I love it. Jory