Monday, October 24, 2011

Yard Work

I am a week out from a redfish trip with Lowcountry Fly Shop and spent some time in the yard this past weekend working my big stick out by casting to various shrubs that dot the edges of the lawn and clearing line as Hadley or Finn would pick up the leader and make a run across the yard with it.    

The Steffen Brothers eight foot 8/9 weight is matched with a Cabela's WLx fly reel which is lined with a Scientific Anglers Mastery Textured Saltwater nine weight fly line.

All the pieces seem to work together quite nicely and I'm just hoping I don't fall apart when trying to lay out a length of line towards redfish that will hopefully be tails up in the grass.


Squeeky Oar Lock said...

Just fished with one of those kids from LowCountry 2 weeks ago. Good shit and good fellers too.
Enjoy Cameron, shat soon. Can't wait for the photos!
Squeeky Oar Lock

Cameron Mortenson said... were in the "Holy City" or came out to fish with you in Craig? You know there will be photos. Got me a new fisheye lens that I'm having a good time playing with.

Trev Sliwkanich said...


What do you think of the WLx? Looks like a solid reel bu the new Cabela's in town does not have it in stock.