Monday, November 14, 2011

Connect - Japanese Yamame

Recently Confluence Films released Connect, which is their latest full length film featuring a list of locations including a very neat segment with Jim Bartschi, of Scott Fly Rod Company, and his friend Masa Katsumata fishing small water and light tippets for Yamame in Japan.

Jim Klug was on the lens and captured stills along with video which shows the flies, the fish, and the fiberglass fly rods that Jim and Masa fished while in Japan.  Striking images and a wonderful compliment to the film.  

Jim Klug wrote...  "Why would anyone who lives in the heart of Western trout country travel thousands of miles and fly 14 hours across the Pacific to chase ultra-small, ultra-spooky fish with a three weight? For Jimmy Bartschi, the answer is simple. You make the journey for the challenge of catching tough fish on incredibly light tackle with microscopic flies – in the middle of one of the most fascinating and interesting countries in the world."

"Over the years, Bartschi, the president of Colorado-based Scott Fly Rods, has made close to a dozen trips to Japan to fish secluded, small mountain streams for Yamame – one of the prettiest fish found anywhere on the planet. Revered throughout Japan (and usually incorrectly referred to as a trout), native Yamame are actually a small, land-locked form of the larger, sea-run Cherry salmon. Incredibly spooky and selective, these tiny fish average 5 to 8 inches long, with a 10 inch fish considered a trophy. Think catching a fish this small is easy?  Did we mention that you’ll probably be fishing a size 32 dry fly, 9X tippet, and a slow-action glass rod on skinny, brush-covered waters. Still sound easy?"

To see more of these interesting images, including galleries for other locations shot during the making of Connect, please visit Jim Klug's Outdoor Photography website.

Visit the Confluence Films website to purchase your copy of Connect.  It's well worth the price of admission.

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