Monday, December 26, 2011

Topo Designs Accessory Bags

There is no denying that I am a bit of a neat freak, bordering on O.C.D., when it comes to keeping my fly fishing gear organized. It just makes everything so much easier if I know where it is.

After years of wasted ziplock bags I finally found a set of fabric bags from Topo Designs which will be a big help in keeping items where they are supposed to be in my packs and gear bags.

The Topo Designs Accessory Bags come in three useable sizes and in a mix of different color combinations.  I opted for the set of three for $40, which aren't a bargain, but these will last near forever. 

Topo Designs uses high quality and durable fabrics in their gear and all items are made in Colorado.

Check out the Topo Design website for more information and to see their other offerings.  The Mini Mountain Bag is next on my purchase list.  


Howard Levett said...

Holy Moly...Colorado you say? I can use one of these to keep my personals in. I really love the new blanket.

Anonymous said...

J Rose and the folks at Topo Designs make great stuff, looking forward to what else comes from them. I have on more then one occasion encouraged them to make a chest pack.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Howard...Colorado, yes. The blanket would certainly keep Pam warm by her outside the snow.

thewildwood...everything that I've seen from the Topo Designs shop looks great. A chest pack would be genius.