Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Day At The Camp

After an eventful Saturday which was spent attending the Acadiana Fly Rodders Conclave and banquet, all day Sunday was spent at The Camp Fly Fishing School which is also the home of Keith and Deb Richard.

Keith and Deb open their home and pond the day after the conclave each year to club members and their families to enjoy a day of fellowship, fly fishing, and food.  This year's meet did not disappoint with a few dozen members spending part or all day at The Camp.

The day was quite leisure and spent hassling a few of the pond bass, speaking with members of the club, and enjoying some very good food.  The couple bowls of wild game gumbo over rice and a slice of quiche tasted excellent and warmed the stomach on the cool gray day.  I lined up a few of the demo glass fly rods which I had brought with me to the conclave and it gave several the opportunity to see what casting and fishing fiberglass is all about.

Keith, who is a F.F.F. Master Casting Instructor, got the measuring tape out and worked with me on my fly casting for a bit.  I am admittedly a self taught hack and it was good to get a thirty minute instruction on what I'm doing wrong.  My casting hits a wall at 70 feet which is certainly enough length for most of the fishing situations that I'm in but it would be neat to lay out an entire fly line at some point, if no other reason to just be able to do it.

Everyone from the club cleared out by early afternoon and I readied for my flight home the next morning.  That evening I walked the pond just one more time and picked up a couple more bass which was a good way to end the trip.

A special thank you to Keith and Deb Richard for hosting me at The Camp for the weekend. They could not have been more gracious and I certainly didn't go hungry either.

I was so impressed with the Acadiana Fly Rodders club that one of the first things I did once I got home last week was join the Federation of Fly Fishers.    Hopefully I can become active in my local club and follow along with what is going on in the organization as well.

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