Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Introducing J&M Flies

Last week I received a small package in the mail with a few demo warmwater patterns from J&M Flies to check out and fish on the family pond.  I was so impressed with the flies sent that I promptly emailed Jeff and Melissa Price of J&M Flies and ordered a mixed batch of three dozen more Poppers, Foam Flies, and Gurglers.    

The biggest surprise with these flies was the price for the quality of work being done.  I expected them to be easily twice the price but Jeff and Melissa's intent is to start their fly tying business with prices that are as affordable as possible.   

The price list is as follows:

Poppers - $3.00 Each
Roadkill - $2.25 Each
Gurglers/Size10 - $1.25 Each
Gurglers/Size 4 - $1.75 Each
Panfish Persuaders - $1.00 Each/$10 Dozen
Monocacy Bees - $1.00 Each/$10 Dozen

At a time where most flies are tied out of country, it's neat to come across an after work fly tier who is putting out a extremely well made product at prices (even if they may be introductory) that won't hurt your wallet either.

Time to fill up your warmwater fly boxes?  Email J&M Flies at to place  your order.

Keep up with shop news on the J&M Flies Facebook page.

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Rhythm Rider said...

I've been seeing their creations for a eh while on their website, and didn't realize how reasonably priced they were. They make some beautiful poppers, and gurgles look nice. I wish them well and when I rip through my supply of poppers I'll have to hit them up with an order.