Monday, April 2, 2012

The Spring Reading Stack

Here in South Carolina we're enjoying our couple weeks of spring before summer hits us hard.  We'll hopefully have a couple weeks of warm, but not to warm evenings, before the oppression of the excessive heat and humidity arrives.

It's stellar to have new issues arrive in the mail of The Drake and The Flyfish Journal to read over a few leisure evenings with a cold cup in hand.  Add to the mix a review copy of the recently released online book Pulp Fly to read on the iPad and I'll be good until the heat at night is just a few degrees different than the heat during the day.  Those days aren't to far off now. 

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Adam Kryder said...

I share your sentiments completely. The publications you mention are pushing the bar higher and higher every issue. Many thanks to all who put in the hard work to make them available to us!