Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Hörgren Kabuto Rods Build Begins

There are just a handful of what I can consider true artisan fiberglass fly rod builders, who with every build borrow design elements from the past and reinterpret them into a contemporary build.  Christian Hörgren is one such builder and I have long admired his style, not only with the fly rods that he builds but also the pieces of gear that he collects.

When Kabuto Rods offered up a limited few of their new 7'6" five weight blanks for sale, I contacted Christian to see if he would be willing to build a fly rod for me if I provided a second blank for him as part payment for the build.  Christian agreed and I quickly sent payment off to Yasuyuki Kabuto for the blanks before he could reconsider.  Recently the two brown Kabuto Rods 7653 blanks arrived at Christian's home in Sweden and he has already gotten started with this two rod project. 

Christian wrote... 

"Hey Cameron,

Here are the first pictures from the making of your rod.  Bronze hardware, all cork reel seat and Pearsall silk.  The reel seat has been a story itself, and I'm not really there yet.  Trying to make a skeleton in bronze from scratch.  We'll see where it ends. 


Yes...we'll all enjoy seeing where this build goes from here. 


Shane said...

I have a feeling that will be one. sweet rod for sure!

Spencer DT said...

The interesting thing is this. Japan to Sweden to USA. All thanks to the interwebs... Neat to see how connected we all are.