Monday, August 13, 2012

Graywolf Rods Build #100 Winner

The randon number generator speaketh yet again for a T.F.M. contest and Robert Tucker was chosen as the winner of the Graywolf Rods Build #100 Giveaway

Robert...congratulations and I hope that you put a flex to this five weight very soon.  The Signature S-Glass five weight sounds about perfect for the water that you spend your time on.

Robert wrote...  "The Graywolf Rods Signature S-Glass five weight would be the perfect fly rod to fish a small southwestern Virginia stream that disappears into the woods for a couple of miles and is cooled and sweetened by a large spring far off the beaten path.  Overlooked and unknown, this fertile stream turns from silver to gold when it's beautiful wild brown trout rise to beetles in the summer.  An added bonus are the smallmouth bass that run up from the New River into this cool tributary and coexist with the browns.  A five weight is the perfect size to cast the big terrestrials these "bronze trout" will smash with authority under a thick riparian canopy that creates a sensation of fishing in a tunnel."

Thanks to the several hundred people that submitted emails to be a part of this contest and of course a very special thanks to Shane Gray of Graywolf Rods for offering this fly rod build to the T.F.M. readership.


Howard Levett said...

Congrats Robert, I know you will enjoy it.

Pamela Funk said...

Congratulations to Robert! hehe That is a gorgeous rod and I'm sure he'll enjoy.