Wednesday, August 15, 2012

McKellip's Leather Grips And McKeeper

Soon after the Michi-Glass Gathering, bamboo and fiberglass rod builder Mark McKellip sent an email with a few photos showing off a new grip option that he is now offering on his builds which is made of stacked leather rings and also features his "McKeeper" hook holder.

Mark wrote... "I showed a new Steffen 8' 3/4 weight at the Michi-Glass Gathering that I finished with a new material (stacked leather) that's been used on hunting knives for a long time, but at least to this point never used for a rod handle.  I've asked a lot of different people as to whether it's been used before, and nobody has said that they have.  I've kicked this idea around for many years but never pulled the trigger till now. Everyone at the gathering said it was pretty cool, and I thought you might want to feature this on T.F.M. too.  I've already received an order for a rod with this material used for the handle as a result of our gathering and I anticipate more.  This model has my "McKeeper" hook keeper installed as featured in these photos.  The price for a Steffen blank build with the stacked leather grip with the "McKeeper" is $650.00."

Check out the McKellip Brothers Bamboo Rods website for more information.

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Pamela Funk said...

Beautiful rod. I love the looks of the leather grip.