Saturday, August 25, 2012

Two Weight Glass Bass

Not knowing what will take the fly or lure next certainly has to be one of the neatest aspects of fishing.  Matt Benett of Living Waters Fly Fishing found this out earlier in the summer on Brushy Creek and sent along a couple photos of his surprise.

Matt wrote...  "Here's a couple photos of the nice largemouth bass I caught on my Scott F2 602 back in early July.  We closed up the fly shop a bit earlier than normal to catch the evening bite on Brushy Creek.  I was fishing a small streamer we tie for some sunfish and smaller bass, and had this fish came out from under an undercut bank and chomp it.  I had quite a fight on my hands, but luckily my 4X tippet held and I was able to get her to hand.  It's one of the larger fish I've pulled out of the creek this year, but easily the most memorable due to the size of the rod I landed it on."

Matt...way to make that F2 bend.

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Mark said...

To semi-quote Buddy the Elf, OH MY GOD! I KNOW HIM! I KNOW HIM!. And Matt loaned me that same rod last week to chase Colorado cutties with. Good to seem him get some web-cred!