Friday, October 26, 2012

CPR Custom Rods Quartz Blank Build

Matt Dotts of CPR Custom Rods shared these images of a recent CTS Quartz 8' five weight build and his words are further proof of an opinion held by many rod builders that CTS out of New Zealand is building some of the very finest fiberglass fly rod blanks available right now. 

Matt wrote...  "The fly rod blank is a CTS Quartz eight foot two piece five weight.  It took me eight weeks to get the blank from New Zealand.  I have used several CTS blanks and they have all been flawless.  This one is the same.  It casts as good as it looks although it loads better with a six weight fly line rather than a five weight which isn't unusual."

Check out the CPR Custom Rods website for more information and photographs of his impressive fly rod build work.


swalker9513 said...

Is that the typical color of the CTS quartz blanks?

Cameron Mortenson said... is the base color but there is a host of others to chose from.

swalker9513 said...

I checked out their site, and saw that black was the base color. They paint their blanks, and this one looks like it is translucent white. I can ask CTS. Just thought you might know.

swalker9513 said...

I exchanged emails with Stephen Pratt at CTS over this. Here was his reply: "this would be our clear gloss paint finish. The older Quartz blanks used to be black, but our new Uni S glass blanks can be any colour."