Wednesday, October 31, 2012

CTS Shipping Discount Ends Today

I should have been tracking on this earlier in the month but yesterday I received an email from CTS Fishing saying their 80% discount off shipping ends today.  (Sorry for the late heads up.)  Essentially this discount means shipping for a Quartz fiberglass blank would run less than $10 from their New Zealand factory to your doorstep.

Also what I didn't realize until snooping through the CTS Fishing website last night is that in the Quartz line up there are seventy-six different fiberglass blanks to chose from.  Their offerings start with a 6'6" one weight and end with a 12' eight weight two hander blank with many other options in between.  Add to all of this that CTS Fishing blanks can be painted one of almost different thirty colors choices.  That's a lot of options. 

I've cast a couple builds made off the Quartz fiberglass blanks and my opinion (among others) is that these blanks are on the fast side of what CTS Fishing calls "Medium Action".  This isn't a bad thing at all as there is a need for properly designed "fast glass".  The Quartz blanks are powerful and lightweight.  At some point I'd really like to play with one of their big fish blanks in eight, nine, or even ten weight and the various two hander blanks are really intriguing as well.      

Check out the CTS Fishing website for more information on the Quartz fiberglass blanks and their other offerings as well.  Orders must be placed today to receive the shipping discount.    

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