Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Featherlight Switch Project Begins

Ever since This River Is Wild posted their tutorial on turning an eight foot Eagle Claw Featherlight into a switch stick I've been jonesing for one.  A couple weeks ago T.F.M. reader Jim Jenkins shared a photograph of one of his favorite brews and in the background I noticed an Featherlight switch rod and asked if he built it.  He emailed back that he did and offered to build one up for me as well.  What a great guy since I don't know if I'll ever build a fly matter how easy it is. 

Jim wrote...  "Just an update on the Featherlight switch mod.  I have all the components gathered and will probably complete the work this weekend.  Switch butt grip from J. Stockard, 5/6 weight 8 ft Eagle Claw Featherlight from and the shaft inserts are scrap arrow blanks from a friend who makes his own arrows, and long bows for that matter, for bow hunting.  Roughly at about $50 all told.  

Now it’s just a little sawing, fitting and gluing for the mod.   The arrow shafts are great because they are very strong and fit the pre-drilled holes in the switch grip.   It's really a super simple assembly for that part of the mod.  More photos to come."

The project has started and I am looking forward to seeing how it turns out.  There should be another update or two in the coming weeks.  Thanks Jim for doing the work.


Randall said...

Ah yes, Dales....perhaps the perfect fishing beer.

John Jackson said...

I made my featherlight a switcher too! I got my lower handle from hook and hackle. The hole in the cork was too big so I shimmed it up with masking taper then gooped on the 5 min epoxy. Ive been swinging flies on it with a mini skagit line. really fun!

Cameron Mortenson said...

Randall...I can't disagree with that.

John...which mini skagit line are you using?