Thursday, November 29, 2012

T.F.M. Spotting - One by One Trib Trip

The One by One Custom Rods crew took their yearly tributary trip and over the course of a couple days tangled with more than their share of heavy brown trout.  Chas Legeza sent along this dispatch along with some information on his latest glass build on a custom CTS blank.

Nice reel bling too with the Cheeky Trash 475.

Chas wrote...  "As you know I had CTS build me a blank using a taper that they typically don't make in glass.  I wanted the glass feel with some power in the butt section to use for trib browns and salmon and someday some saltwater use.  Well what we ended up with was perfect.  It had plenty of power and that awesome glass feel and bend.  We broke it in over the weekend on some Ontario browns.  The three of us ended up with fifty-two landed fish for a quick two day trip.  A great time was had by all. 

I can't speak highly enough about how pleased I am with the CTS blank.  The order process was easy and the final product is awesome.  If anyone is looking for a glass rod for " big boys " this rod is the way to go." 

One by One Custom Rods have sent this whole outfit down for me to play with on the coast and this ten weight outfit might be just the ticket for bull redfish, cobia, and amberjacks too.

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