Sunday, December 30, 2012

Featherlight Fly Rods In Stock

After quite an extended wait in between shipments, the Eagle Claw Featherlight fly rods are now in stock again and I am packing up orders to ship out tomorrow. 

I have a few extras and if anyone is looking for a bang around back up or "first experience" with a fiberglass fly rod then this isn't a bad start at all. 

I am offering both the 6'6" 4/5 weight and 7' 5/6 weight models and they are priced at $45 shipped in the U.S. and typically $60 with international shipping.

Check out the T.F.M. Store for more information.  If interested in placing an order please send an email to


Anonymous said...

These are so cool! I just build one a few weeks ago. This is a great price mind if I point people your way if I make a blog post about the build?

Cameron Mortenson said...

UO...that would be great. Thanks.

Dr. Gonzo said...

Picked up both of these from Santy Clause and I'm stoked. Had a chance to get skunked on the 4/5 slingin at trout last week. Diggin' the action and can't wait to wave 'em at their intended targets; bluegill and largemouth!

Dr. Gonzo

Cameron Mortenson said...

Dr. Gonzo...I think you're going to have a great time with that little Featherlight. I can't wait to hear the report once the bluegill start looking up.