Thursday, February 7, 2013

S.C.O.F. + iPad = Awesomeness

The other night after checking out the latest issue of Southern Culture On The Fly on my laptop, I picked up my iPad mini just to see what the magazine looked like on a smaller screen and how navigation was compared to my MacBook Air.  Not to go all over the top Steve Jobs on you, but Southern Culture On The Fly is just beautiful on the iPad...and easy to save in iBooks as well.

Here's a quick screen shot tutorial on how to save every issue of S.C.O.F. on your iPad for later reading.  On the plane, on a road trip, in the bathroom, etc.

1.  Download the iBooks application from the App Store.  This whole thing will not work without first adding this app to your iPad.

2. In Safari, go to the Southern Cuture On The Fly website.  Click on "VIEW THE CURRENT ISSUE".

3.  There is some sort of unseen magic that happens in your iPad as the magazine will automatically download in PDF form.  How does it know to do this?  I don't know either...but it works.

Now, in the top right corner see the "Open in iBooks" button.  Click that.

4.  The latest issue of Southern Culture On The Fly is now able to be viewed and stored in iBooks for later viewing.  With or without WiFi.  The videos and links won't work without an internet connection, you'll still be able to read the articles and look at the images.

5.  Go all OCD and create a custom folder inside iBooks where you can download and store each issue of Southern Culture On The Fly on your iPad for later reading.

Viewing this magazine on the iPad has got me wondering why the other free e-zines don't follow suit with this?  So far I'm finding that a lot of them aren't easily viewable on the iPad and certainly don't move as seamlessly into iBooks like S.C.O.F. does.

E-zine's time to step up to the future.

Question...what online magazines do you read on your iPad or tablet device?  I might be missing a few that are as easy to view in iBooks as S.C.O.F.  is.  Let me know.     


Mat Trevors said...

I've been subscribed to Fly Fishing in Saltwaters on the Zinio app, first on my iPod Touch, then on my Nexus 7, for over two years.

On the Nexus 7 it rocks. Going to try to put a SCOF issue in there to see how it goes

Ricky Anderson said...

I am going to have to do that! I love the way the iPad handles things like e-zines. Thanks for the tip!

Kym said...

Great tip. Just downloaded the current isssue and a couple of back issues to the ipad. Sadly most of the other fly fishing zines I know of - Flylife, This is Fly etc don't seem to publish them as pdfs