Thursday, February 7, 2013

T.F.M. Spotting - Sugargrove Bluegrass

When Ethan Smith isn't hard at work on hashing new SmithFly gear items, he's picking strings playing blueglass with a band called Sugargrove. 

Ethan sent this T.F.M. Spotting image in from a recent session at the Hotel Gallery in historic downtown Tipp City, Ohio.

Ethan wrote...  "I wore my T.F.M. Comrade t-shirt the other night under my flannel shirt, but by golly it was HOT that night so the shirt was on display.  I get more questions about that shirt...

The band I play with is called Sugargrove, which is named for a little town nearby right on the Stillwater River, and has great smallmouth fishing.  They've been playing together (on and off) for thirty years and I've been playing with them for the last year or so.  Pretty straight traditional bluegrass with some 60's folkie stuff thrown in just to annoy my bluegrass purist wife."

Old school bluegrass?  I can dig it. 

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