Friday, February 8, 2013

F3T Is On the Road

It's that time of year when the somewhat rowdy road crew from the Fly Fishing Film Tour begin dropping into a new city about every night for the next few months bringing a party with them of films, swag giveaways, and happily sip free beers along the way. The Fly Fishing Film Tour continues to be a good show and the social side of the evening is a great time as well.

The F3T "media package" arrived the other day and I've had a chance to view the teaser DVD while sipping on a cold brew or two. This year's F3T line up brings a lot of different angles on fly fishing and there are sure to be crowd favorites depending on where the show is playing. I always attend the F3T shows in both Charleston and Asheville and it's always interesting to see what gets the audience's attention and cheers at both venues who are just hours apart with one being on the coast and the other in the mountains. Typically different crowds entirely.

Take a few minutes and check out the various trailers for the films being shown in this year's Fly Fishing Film Tour.

Check out the Fly Fishing Film Tour website for more information and to see when the show will show up where you live.

Be sure to get tickets early since most, if not all, shows will be sold out.


DBrereton83 said...

I attended one of the first showings in Spokane and it was as good or better then last year. It is truly a great way to spend an evening. Doc of the Drakes part two "Hit them again Doc" had to be the crowd favorite again this year.

dausnasir said...

what song on the second video...anyway your video give my passion back for fly fishing after a few years of a dust...

Cameron Mortenson said...

DB...I can't wait to see it in Charleston...and then again in Asheville a few weeks later.

dausnasir...that is great. Welcome back.

city said...

thanks for share.