Sunday, March 31, 2013

T.F.M. Spotting - Eat Like A Bluegill

Well...Giles Blencoe just might have taken this whole "Year of the Bluegill" idea a little to far.  At least he's repping in his T.F.M. Bluegill t-shirt on his way out of the hospital for the T.F.M. Spotting Photo Contest.

Giles wrote...  "Well...I decided I was going to start eating like a bluegill this year.  Unfortunately I was fooled by a size #2 Stealth Bomber and a rubber legged dragon for real food.  I gulped down the Stealth Bomber and got the #2 super sharp Gama B10s hook lodged deep in the back of my thoat. The RLD was the dropper fly and it went straight up my nose. 

Both flies had to be surgically removed along with my tonsils, part of my uvula, and part of my nasal turbinates.  I should be okay in a few weeks, but now my diet has been drastically changed from bugs to Powerade, broth, ice chips, and most importantly, liquid Lortab."

Heal up and stay away from the bluegill fly box please.  HA...

POSTSCRIPT...  I've gotten a few messages today on this post and readers didn't get that Giles eating a couple flies was in pure jest.  Giles filled me in on the rest of the story...

"I actually hinted at my actually surgery in my narrative.  I really did have to have a tonsillectomy, partial uvulectomy, and some minor nasal work done.  Definitely no picnic and would never wish it on my worst enemy.  Actually a week after the surgery, I was rushed to the E.R. via ambulance due to excessive bleeding from tonsil site.  I ended up having a second emergency surgery.  Funny thing is, when in the E.R. bleeding into a bucket, I realized I yet again had my T.F.M. Bluegill shirt on.  I guess I really like the shirt"


Jeff Hiltz said...

There has to be more to this story?? Wth??
Giles?? Why?
I don't get it, how??

M.A. Hughes said...

Let this be a lesson to everyone.....squash your barbs.