Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Flyfish Journal - iPad App Edition

As much as I like flipping through the pages of a printed magazine or the heft of a good book, I also have to admit that I am reading more and more on my iPad mini.  By using applications such as Flipboard I'm able to keep up with a multitude of blogs and websites and have started to read more books and magazines on it as well.

I dig the convenience and ease of keeping up with things through my tablet device and when traveling it certainly cuts down on the weight of my carry on not to have a couple books and a stack of magazines in my pack.

In-Flight Entertainment

I traveled quite a bit this past winter and prior to a flight north I added The Flyfish Journal app to my iPad mini.  Next I killed the rest of a Christmas iTunes card downloading the last couple issues of the magazine to see how iPad viewing compared to holding the magazine in my hands.

First, let me say that The Flyfish Journal is a beautiful magazine start to finish and only one of a couple that I'd toss money down on the counter to buy each issue.  The excellent photography coupled with solid articles in each issue makes The Flyfish Journal a magazine that you'll keep for years to come and read over and over again.

The iPad version of The Flyfish Journal is everything of the print version.  Stunning presentation and ease of navigation from section to section and article to article through a simple swipe side to side and up and down.  With just a touch, photos go full screen or a video or audio will play when connected to Wi-Fi.  The Flyfish Journal reads easily and beautiful on the tablet device.

As of right now the similarities are pretty exact as far as content offered with the print and app versions of The Flyfish Journal, though with the amazing array of photographers and writers that work routinely with the magazine, I can only see video and audio content grow out of the iPad version to include a few film makers as well.  This will certainly enrich the overall quality of the app version and take advantage of the technology that the iPad offers.

Beauty doesn't come cheap at $10 an issue (or $30 for a year subscription and four issues) but for those on the go or for those that just like keeping all the issues in one easy to access place, the app version of The Flyfish Journal is definitely worth the price tag.

Check out The Flyfish Journal website and the Apple app store for more information.

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