Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Loon Outdoors Website Relaunch And A Month Of Giveaways

Loon Outdoors has been a huge supporter of this website for some time now and I wanted to pass along that they have recently redesigned the Loon Outdoors website and are celebrating the event with a month long series of giveaways which started yesterday on the Loon Outdoors Facebook page and extend until April 26th.

There are a multitude of products that I use from Loon Outdoors and I haven't been disappointed yet.  Recent T.F.M. reviews on the UV Wader Repair and Mixing Cup which are worth a look too.

The redesign of the website not only organizes the various Loon Outdoors offerings in a very clean way but also points to the growing number of instructional videos on their Vimeo channel as well.   

Check out the Loon Outdoors website and check out the Giveaways page for more information.

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