Thursday, May 2, 2013

Abel Reels - Build Your Own Reel

Abel Reels is a recent advertising supporter of T.F.M. and I wanted to pass along a new feature on their website which allows customers to build and price almost any combination of fly reel colors and fish graphic finishes along with mix matching spools, handles, drag knob, and foot. 

The "Build Your Own Reel" website is very clean and visual and this addition to their website certainly helps make the decision of what works and doesn't before ordering a fly reel that goes beyond a standard build.

You may already know that I offer Abel Reels Nippers but I can also do special orders of some Abel Reels with the Retro Fly or Comrade artwork engraved into the lower backside of the frame.  Please send an email if you are interested in a price quote for a T.F.M. artwork engraved fly reel.

Check out the Abel Reels website to build your own fly reel.  It's pretty fun, even if you aren't buying, to build up a fly reel of your dreams.

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