Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Yuhina's Kabuto Rods 8053

This build from Kabuto Rods to Mark Yuhina was two years in the making but so worth it when it arrived last week.  The brown blank builds from Yasuyuki Kabuto are very special and this one is especially so.   

Without a doubt Yasuyuki does flawless work and this brown blank 8053 build is a very good example of his skills.  The little fighting butt is an interesting addition to this build and something I haven't seen Yasuyuki do before.  I like it. 

The 8053 blank is one of my favorite fiberglass five weights with a very progressive action and more power than you'd expect it to have.  This fly rod can do just about everything.

Check out the Kabuto Rods website and Facebook page for more information and the latest shop news.

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