Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Beaver Island Dispatch - Day 1

Yesterday morning we woke to grey skies and rain which made the carp game all but impossible.  Instead everyone concentrated on smallmouth and had a solid day all around.  I fished with Christian Hörgren who had never caught a smallmouth before.  He caught quite a few, missing even more, and ended up with a 18 inch and 20 inch to top out his day.

The fellows from Third Coast Fly worked hard all day on the sticks and here are a few photos of the smallmouth that Christian caught.  He was undoubtedly impressed with what a smallmouth is.

Prior to the trip I lined up several gear companies that sponsored each day of this hosted trip and prizes would be awarded to the largest carp and smallmouth caught each day.   These sponsors included TrueFlies, Orvis, and Costa.

Since no carp were caught yesterday it was decided to award the anglers who caught the largest and second largest smallmouth.  At the end of the day it was found that Christian Hörgren took first prize and Jeff Price was close at his heels with a 18.5 inch smallmouth for second prize.  Both Christian and Jeff won a $100 gift certificate from TrueFlies.

We're finishing breakfast and will soon be off on Day 2...


riverwalker34 said...

Excellent. Nothing beats a smallie.

Middlemac said...

Cameron, your photos are fantastic. You deserve a big pat on the back for setting your rod down as you did and so often do, to catch others catching their fish. Well done.

Middlemac said...

Terrific photos... Cameron, you deserve kudos for setting your rod aside to shoot Christian and others catching fish.. well done!


Fontinalis Rising said...

Today had to be tough too, but hopefully that haze cleared off in time for you to find some carp.