Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Freedom Slider Auction Ends Big

The Freedom Slider auction ended at midnight this past Sunday and at that point the high bid was $325.  The high bidder, who is a committed Project Healing Waters supporter, emailed and said that he'd follow through his donation but the second highest bidder would still commit to his bid than he could have the fly and the T.F.M. Retro Fly Nippers and the total donation would total $625 instead of half of that.

This was a very generous offer by the top bidder and the second highest bidder confirmed that they would make their donation as well.  Pat Cohen and I have put our heads together and decided that he'll tie another fly and I'll donate another set of nippers as well so that both fellows that made these sizeable donations will end up with the prize.

Thanks to Pat Cohen for coming up with this idea and then even more thanks to Matthew Foskett and Andrew Bennett for their generous donations to Project Healing Waters with this auction.

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