Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Beaver Island Dispatch - Day 2

Yesterday started off with dense fog which lasted until late in the afternoon.  This again hampered the carp game for most of the day but gave us time to concentrate on smallmouth which didn't hurt my feelings at all.

Jeff Price and I fished with Austin Adduci and he did a stellar job of putting us on smallmouth, along with a few carp shots, through the course of the day.  I missed the hook set on a cruiser carp late in the day which will certainly haunt me but hopefully I can redeem myself today. 

We had a few hours during the afternoon where there constant waves of smallmouth moving in and off of a several large flats that we rowing on.  It was kind of unreal.

The fly of the day for me was the Mr. Claw from Pursuit Flies.  The smallmouth reacted very positively to this pattern when inched across the sand and it was really neat to see a cruising smallmouth rush up to the fly, look it over, and then gobble it up.

The prizes for yesterday went to Christian who caught a 17 pound carp and Ken who caught a 18 inch smallmouth.  Each won an Orvis Guide Sling Pack.

Well...we woke to 20 mph winds and eight foot waves in the big water.  Looks like a walk in day for sure.

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riverwalker34 said...

Amazing! Smallmouth flats. Then you get Orvis sling packs. Those bass are footballs, man. Cameron definitely picked a great destination.