Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Northbound To Michigan

Quite honestly the last few weeks have been somewhat of a blur.  School ended and our summer schedule of shuffling children here and there began with VBS, art classes, and volleyball.  Add to that I was on call for the better part of last month and work got hectic a few times as well.

The upside of a busy work schedule is that I'll only have to take a couple hours annual leave to be gone the first week of the trip.  The downside is that things have been so crazy trying to be ready for leaving today that I spent the first thirty minutes on the road going through checklists in my head making sure everything that was supposed to be packed was indeed packed.

The Element was (over) loaded last night and after a half day of work this morning we're on the road en route to Michigan.  If all goes as planned we'll be at the family lake house before 3 a.m.  Fingers crossed we don't have any hang ups and the children get into the road trip mindset of bathroom and food breaks only when we need fuel.  I'm not holding my breath that that will actually happen.  (Parents with kids of their own know the deal.)

If things slow down around here it's simply because internet at the lake house is rotten and the priority for the rest of this week will be family time.  Next week I'll be on Beaver Island for most of it (with even less internet) but also have carved out a couple small stream trout trips and rounding it all out with a drift float swinging mice patterns in the dark to (hopefully) hungry brown trout.

Our Element is 215,000 miles old, with a lot of road trips under it's belt, and travel prayers have been said that we'll make it up and back again without an issue.

Here's to family, fish, and no engine problems or animals playing in the road after dark.


Chad McPhail said...

We nearly bought an Element for our 20-yr old a couple years ago. I wish we would have. I think they're smart, cool, and efficient - lots of neat features. Easy to fish out of.

Good luck!

Coach Ryan & Coach Kim said...
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Ryan Miller said...

Travel prayers to you and the family. We will be in Petoskey later this week... might bump into you on a local stream. Tight lines...

Jeffaroo said...

I have a 04 Elememt that I haul the kayak and fish from. It's a beast that keeps going and going. Great blog. Thanks.