Monday, October 7, 2013

Featherlight Switch Rod Conversion Kits

About the time that I began offering the 8' 5/6 weight Featherlight fly rods to the T.F.M. Store, I contacted Custom Fly Rod Crafters and asked if they would put together an inexpensive kit to allow the fly rod to be turned into a switch rod.  They accepted the request and quickly put together the Featherlight Switch Rod Conversion Kit along with step by step instructions to make this modification as a quick evening project.

The conversion kit includes a 4" cork grip that matches the Featherlight handle which already has an arbor pre-glued into the cork.  This kit also includes the epoxy to complete the assemby.

All in all you'll have a fun Featherlight switch rod D.I.Y. project for about $70 shipped ($45 fly rod and $25 conversion kit) to your doorstep.

Check out the T.F.M. Store website to order an 8' Featherlight fly rod and order the switch rod conversion kit online on the Custom Fly Rod Crafters website.


Razorback Steel said...

Really Great Cameron!! I'll reserve one immediatly!

James Jenkins said...

Sweet, Cameron. Great idea. Have you had a chance to fish that switch mod I put together for you last winter? Steelies will be running soon here in Ohio and my Featherlite switch is rigged and ready.

Kym said...

Very neat idea. Would you be running a heavier line if you were using it as a switch rod or would the usual 6/7 wt line work fine?

Lee Slikkers said...

Looks like they no longer carry or stock this conversion kit, too bad as it looked like a nice option.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Razorback Steel...did you put it all together yet?

James...sadly, no. Hopefully soon. To many fly rods and not enough time.

Kym...yes, play around with a few different lines to see what you like best but I believe some are running skagit heads on these with success.

Lee...I'll follow up today and see why they aren't listed on the website anymore.

Luke Brockmann said...

So there is a shop in town that sells the rods however, none of the links for a convertion kit worked? Are they still possible to buy? Also, what were the best lines in your experience?

Bill Conrad said...

I know it has been a while since Luke's last post, but if you go to the Fly Rod Crafters website and search Featherlight, the link to the kit will come up.