Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2014 BOTE Boards

I'm starting to think that kayaks are kind of like fly rods and you just can't ever have to many.  High up on my list of wants is a BOTE Boards of some sort.  My wife wants one and our son will need his own Monster in the next year or two as well. 

The BOTE Boards 2014 digital look book went live a couple weeks ago and it's evident that this year is going to be big for them with quite a few new offerings and a refresh in cosmetic design from the mind of Rob McAbee of Bug Slinger who went to work for BOTE Boards earlier this year as brand director.

Give the digital catalog a flip through and check out the BOTE Boards website for more information.


fireflyfisherman said...

We got our Bote Boards September 2013 and have loved them. We went with the HD's and have been out to the Texas coast for a few days of chasing redfish and out to the local lakes with the dogs before it got too cold. They were a blast and the dogs did great on them. Super stable! Can't wait for it to warm up a bit and get back out there on them.

Cameron Mortenson said...

FFF...we're looking forward to spring and time in the kayaks as well. We are actually having a "real" winter here in S.C. High in the 40's here today.