Sunday, February 16, 2014

Meet The Guys From Pursuit Flies

One of the highlights for me while at the Fly Fishing Show in Winston-Salem last weekend was meeting Cliff Benson and Max Stevens of Pursuit Flies and watching them tie their custom fly patterns throughout the weekend at their booth.

These two fellows barely have gotten their drivers licenses and already have a growing fly business taking off all while dutifully showing up in classes in their local high schools.  I sure wish I had this much talent and drive at this age.  It didn't help that they both called me "Mr. Mortenson" all weekend as well.  Am I getting old?

This is an example of youth that is certainly not wasted as they are developing some very legit patterns for salt species of all types and I've found a couple patterns that cross over to carp and smallmouth as well with great success.

Check out the Pursuit Flies website for more information or to place an order for some custom tied flies that are broken down as Crabs, Shrimp, and Baitfish patterns.

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