Monday, February 10, 2014

Southern Trout - Issue #11

The latest issue of Southern Trout went live last week and it's worth a Monday morning read with an extra cup of coffee if you haven't already seen it.

Take special note of the article on Tycoon Tackle in this issue.  They have some interesting offerings and are looking to send a couple of their glass fly rods to be entered into the T.F.M. Fly Rod Demo Program soon which will be excellent.


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shotgunfly said...

Who is Tom Rosenbaum of Orvis? You'd think they'd check the names.

If Tycoon Tackle made it in the saltwater biz, why should anyone consider a trout bamboo rod from them? Oddly enough they're only over the mountain from where I live. Might have to skip over to cville and see their trout rods….funny thing is…there really isn't a lot of great trout water over there.

The article on Blue Lining was a good read.