Thursday, February 6, 2014


Just a heads up that the Retro Fly koozies are back in stock in all five colors and new orders will be sent off early next week. 

These koozies are made of a high quality neoprene and available in Black, Blaze Orange, Fall Camo, Navy Blue, and Florescent Green and are priced at $5 for one or $8 for two with a flat rate of $2 for shipping now matter how many are ordered.  A couple T.F.M. decals are included with each order.

This is also a good post to show off a couple memes that Southern Fly Photography and The International Hobbyist tossed together.  I clearly have friends with to much time on their hands...

Check out the T.F.M. Store page for more info or to place an order send an email to

Thanks for the support.

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