Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thomas Pipic's Ijuin-Rod Build Complete

As I mentioned in yesterday's "in process" post of Thomas Pipic building the Ijuin-Rod 7'3" four weight, today I share the finished build photographs and want to highlight everything that makes one of Tom's builds special with the custom metal work of the reel seat, cap, ferrule rings, and winding check all done in his shop.

I am really impressed by the workmanship of every element of this build and it's a perfect match to the Kineya Model 301 fly reel that I have.  A Japanese made fly rod blank deserves a Japan made fly reel, eh?

As far as taper and feel, this four weight is quite a bit different than the 7' three weight Ijuin-Rod blank and has a more progressive feel to it.

From an aesthetics side, it's interesting that with brighter green wraps pull more of a lime shade from the blank as opposed to a more earthy greens of the Kazutomo Ijuin build that I also have in my collection. 

Thanks again Thomas Pipic for taking the time to build this very special four weight to add to my collection.  I very much appreciate it.


Unknown said...

Just a thing of total beauty...

Unknown said...

Love the colours and the metalwork. Beautifully unique.

Middlemac said...

This is just a super-exciting build and the craftsmanship is fantastic. congrats Cameron on acquiring a great rod (for NC trout waters ;) Kev/middlemac