Thursday, May 29, 2014

Stripped Down-The Brown Trout Project

Stripped Down - The Brown Trout Project is a compliation of thirteen years of filming and fly fishing by Dave and Amelia Jensen of Jensen Fly Fishing.  This series was filmed in New Zealand, Alberta, and Montana and captures some unreal footage.

The series can be purchased a chapter at a time or as a complete set through Vimeo.  A DVD version will be available through the Jensen Fly Fishing website in the coming weeks.


Jay said...

The videos by the Jensens are very unique as in very intimate (it feels like you're fishing WITH them).
I really enjoyed their DVD called Sight Fishing.
The trailer surely promises some great fishing.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Jay...I agree. Well done and looking forward to watching the entire series.

jayklaar said...
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Jay said...

Bought the whole lot.
Man, visual bonanza!