Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Recycled Waders - The Filson Project

It's been awhile since I last mentioned Recycled Waders but after quite a few years of use, my Messenger Creel is still in tip top shape.  Not surprisingly, breathable wading material makes for a very sturdy, yet lightweight, material for gear bags.

Recently Patrick Jenkins of Recycled Waders took on a special project which involved the creation of three-of-a-kind Fanny Packs made from upcycled Filson waders.  Patrick was kind enough to take a few photographs along the way and the results are damn sharp.

Patrick wrote...  "Here are some images from the recent Filson project.  It is really cool to get custom projects like this where we try to incorporate unique traits of the specific waders...like the C.C. Filson branded snaps, the Filson embossed leather and fleece lined pocket.  These were done for a family in Oregon who clearly all support "Made in the U.S.A." products.  The final fanny packs were a bit larger in dimension to incorporate the unique front pocket these waders have." 

Visit the new and improved Recycled Waders website to check out their latest offerings. 

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