Thursday, July 3, 2014

Josh Greenberg's Rivers Of Sand

We are up in Michigan for the July 4th holiday and typically when I am packing up the laptop, along with a few things to read, I usually grab my tattered copy of Hemingway's The Nick Adams Stories since it just feels right.  On this trip however, I tucked away Josh Greenberg's new book, Rivers of Sand, in my messenger bag and carried it north.

I began fly fishing over twenty years ago on the Au Sable River and Manistee River so this book is like reading about home and a lot of the experiences that Josh had with these rivers I can certainly relate to.

In reading this book almost to the last chapter, Josh didn't just write a how-to book but instead it's filled with personal and guide stories and along the way provides a lot of useful intel in on fishing the northern Michigan rivers.

Rivers of Sand is over 200 pages in length and a definite need for the northern Michigan angler. 

For further reading on Josh Greenberg and his book, please check out the full length interview that he did with Alex Cerveniak on Midcurrent.  Josh and Alex discuss his mentor Rusty Gates, northern Michigan fishing tactics, and why he wrote Rivers of Sand.

To order a signed copy with free shipping, contact the Gates Au Sable Lodge by telephone at (989) 348-8462 or through their website.

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