Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Give The Gift Of Glass

When I started this website a half dozen years ago there were maybe a dozen fly rod companies and small shop builders offering fiberglass fly rods as part of their line up and saying a dozen might be pushing it.  Fast forward to the present and now there are five times that number listed on the Rod Shops page and I am likely missing a few that still need to be added to be complete.

The truth is that there is a wealth of contemporary fiberglass fly rods available now with all line weights, tapers and actions, one or two handers, and in an array of different colored blanks.  If someone on your Christmas list has been hinting around for a new fly rod then there are choices from the always fun Eagle Claw Featherlight (I've got a few left in stock in the T.F.M. Store) to a factory or custom fly rod that you might need to break the piggy bank on.

On the factory side of things there are choices across all the price points from many of the known fly rod companies from well below $100 to several times that.  Some of these fly rods are made out of country but there are quite a few choices that are made entirely in the U.S.A.  These fly rods can be purchased directly from the fly rod company or from a short list of dealers who stock these fly rods.

As a sidenote, Trouts Fly Fishing is including a premium fly line with each fiberglass fly rod purchased this holiday season.  Tell them T.F.M. sent you.

We are still a good three weeks out from Christmas and if you are looking for something truly special then consider supporting a small shop rod builder to build the fly rod that you are looking for.  A custom fly rod builder can create a one of a kind fly rod that you'll forever cherish.  It's been been cool to see that a growing number of hobby or part time builders are taking the step forward to building full time and have enough work continuously to support their passion of rod building. 

The other thing to consider is building your own fiberglass fly rod or even make it a winter project with your child to complete the build together.  Custom Fly Rod Crafters sells various glass blanks and all the components needed to build a fly rod of your dreams or consider one of the Swift Fly Fishing Epic Kits which include everything needed as well in a perfectly laid out package.

I field emails almost daily and enjoy helping others figure out what they are looking for in their next (or first) fiberglass fly rod?  Send an email and answer the following questions...

1.  What line weight, length, and number of pieces?
2.  What action/taper are you looking for in this fly rod?
3.   What do you plan on doing with this fly rod?  Dry flies only?  Nymph?  Streamers?  A little bit of everything?
4.  What is your budget for this fly rod?
5.  Factory or custom built?
6.  When do you need it?

Check out the T.F.M. Rod Shops page for links to an long list of fly rod companies and small shop rod builders from all over the world.   

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