Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Note On Keeping It Real

I know I reference Instagram quite a bit around here but sometimes it's just to good not to share.  The other day I came across this excellent image on Justin Damude's page with a narrative that rings true as well.

Justin wrote...  "I took an older gentleman out fishing one day.  He had a rod selection that made my mouth water.  And out of all the big name rod tubes he had rolling around in his trunk he grabbed this old worn out rod tube, one I didn't even take notice of.  He put the rod together and as we started our trip I asked him why he chose the old fiberglass rod when he had some of the nicest graphite rods made in his arsenal.  He remarked "This is just how I like to fish."  Thank you to guys like that for keeping it real."

Thank you for sharing experiences like this.