Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Testament And A Box Of Flies

These two images have been sitting on my desktop for a couple years now and they take me back to a few days spent in northern Michigan with friends and at the end of the trip Adam Tsaloff, grandson of the great John Voelker, handed over a small printed card with the Testament Of A Fisherman printed on it.

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If you haven't read this, you certainly should, and then spend a few winter nights nose deep in the books Trout Magic and Trout Madness. These are two classics that just don't get the props that they deserve.

Along with the card Adam picked out a fly that had been in his grandfather's fly box, which are mostly a mix of soft hackles and small dry flies that he had used on his cherished waters of the Upper Peninsula, and poked the barb through the card before handing it.  What a gift.

All of this takes me back a few years ago to a weekend spent at Voelker's Pond which is a post worth checking out if you haven't.  You can also view the photographs from the weekend in this Flickr album.

I'm so ready to get back up to north this summer.


Brian Koz said...

pure awesome~
tight lines,

Mel said...

Cameron, I have cherished The Testament of a Fisherman for many a year. Words, just words....... but, oh how thought provoking and precious.

Kirk said...

Pretty cool, nice "Testament"! Must have been written before cell phones...

james deloria said...

Yeah, that'd be me breadin' those trout filets. Oh, caught 'em for ya too, eh?