Sunday, February 15, 2015

Casting For Recovery - Epic 480 Raffle

Recently Zeb Tonkavich of Snowman Custom Rod Works completed a very special Swift Fly Fishing Epic 480 build for Casting For Recovery Mid-Atlantic Fly Rod Raffle.  This is a top shelf build in every way and this eight foot four weight blank is one of my personal favorites from the Epic line up.

There are only 300 raffle tickets available and they are priced at $20 each.  All proceeds benefit Casting For Recovery and will be used to purchase fly fishing equipment for chapter events. 

The raffle winner will be chosen immediately after all tickets have been sold.

Somebody is going to win this Epic 480 for $20 and it could be you.

For more information visit the Casting For Recovery website and purchase your raffle ticket HERE.


Erin Foley said...

any idea when they announce the winners?

Victor Kernus said...

Drawing will take place after the 300th ticket is sold. Will be announced immediately after.

Erin Foley said...

Alright super excited to support such a great cause! Thanks for letting me know =)