Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Pops Q Tool - L.P.D. Edition

I don't mention it often but my career is in law enforcement.  I work for a growing city in South Carolina and my current assignment includes working with our Community Action Team.  The daily duties for these officers include everything from child seat installation checkpoints to apartment coalition meetings to our holiday Toys 4 Tots campaign to our Citizens Police Academy to Neighborhood Safety Days to dozens of other duties and assignments.  Our C.A.T. officers are busy every day that they are at work and it's rewarding to work for an agency that has a vision to see the importance to have our officers involved in the community at this level.

One of things that we do during the course of the many events that we're involved in is work the grill doing hotdogs and hamburgers and several of our officers were so impressed with my own Pops Q Tools that I asked Dylan Rothwell if he could make us up a couple "L.P.D. Edition" sets.  Dylan was glad to do it and these grill tools show off the high quality work that his shop is capable of doing with custom laser engraving of our patch on the spatula and "POLICE" printed on the black carbon handle.   

Check out the Pops Q Tool website to order yourself up a set and remember to use the discount code "TFM25" for 25% off your order.

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