Friday, April 10, 2015

Kancho's Ijuin-Rod Yomogi Build

I am a fan of the rod work of Kancho Tzvetanov Borisov (check past posts HERE, HERE, and HERE) and his latest custom build on a Ijuin-Rod Yomogi 7' three weight blank is perfect in every detail.  It also helps that Kancho knows how to take a photograph too.

The 7' three weight Yomogi is also one of my most favorite fiberglass three weights and if you don't have one in your life then you're missing out.  Think small water, dry flies, and a fly rod that can do it all.

Kancho does not have a website but can be followed through his Facebook profile.


Jay said...

Although very well built and most say they love the typical vintage looks, I have the feeling that the cosmetics isn't really appreciated when the rod is offered for sale. At least not at the premium price level as Graywolf and TightLoop.

Peter Dallman said...

I appreciate the vintage but it classes with the bright color. It works in the way a hot rod does but not for me. A more subdued color or natural yes!