Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Doing It The (New) Old Way

Sometimes it's just so satisfy to do something the old way...even if you're using new ways of doing it.

Michigan guide Matt Zudweg has been having a good time this summer with his Seele Fly Rods Rapid fiberglass eight weight and his balsa Gerbubble Bugs.

Matt wrote...  "There is something very satisfying about throwing vintage balsa on glass. It makes me feel more connected to anglers who have gone before me." 

Want to see how Matt creates the Gerbubble Bugs?  Check out this T.F.M. post to see the step by step of a batch that he did last winter.

Want to do it the old way with Matt?  Book a smallie trip on the Muskegon River with him.  Check out the Z Fly Fishing website for more information. 

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