Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Redington ZERO Fly Reel

One of the new pieces of gear that I messed around with at IFTD was the Redington ZERO fly reel and though I really don't care much about a fly reel cutting ounces to be super light to balance a fiberglass fly rod, this fly reel rocks for having a great click, sharp looks, and price you won't have to smash your kid's piggy bank for.

The ZERO is available in two different color choices of Black or Sand and in two sizes of 2/3 weight or 4/5 weight.  These fly reels are prices at $89.95 and spools are available for a little over half that.

Visit the Redington website for more information and check them out at your favorite local dealer.

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Bill Trussell said...

Love everything about Redington products have 4 of their fly rods and two of their Drift fly reels which are awesome. If I decide to get another fly reel it will be the Zero, simply because of the lightness. I am really into light combos when it comes to fly fishing. Thanks for sharing this fantastic reel