Thursday, April 20, 2017

KIMBERLY Z. ARTWORK - Hides + Skins Giveaway

Hopefully you already checked out the recent T.F.M. post which highlighted the artwork of Kimberly Z. Artwork and thought it would for a follow up mention that she is giving away an original Hides + Skins 24"x36" canvas to one of her Instagram followers.

Kimberly messaged recently that she has begun to do these skins as commissions for anglers who would like to remember a particular fish caught with a skin original rather than a more traditional trophy focus of art.  I sent her an image of a 20 inch Booneville Cutthroat that I caught a few years ago in Wyoming which may end up as a piece of art in the near future.

Want to play along to win your own custom skin?  Here's the rules...

1.  Jump on Instagram and follow @kimberlyzartwork.
2.  Tag a friend in the comments under the giveaway post.
3.  Extra credit for sharing a favorite hide or skin and tag her Instagram page in the post.

Good luck.  There is still time to get in on this stellar giveaway.

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