Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Rest In Peace, Tom Morgan

Yesterday morning I received a text message that famed rod builder Tom Morgan had passed away.  Through the day online postings have spoke of his life within the fly fishing industry, his expectation of excellence in everything that he produced, and his sincerity and kind spirit with all who he meet.

I'll cherish a handful of conversations that I had with Tom Morgan over the years writing this website and the time that he took to answer emails or just to keep me in the loop with the fiberglass blank and fly rod project that he took on several years ago. 

Someone mentioned it some time ago, and it appears to be true, that the the Tom Morgan Rodsmiths fiberglass blanks were his final great project and though there were a lot of delays and months of waiting for batches of blanks to be completed, all Tom wanted was for each of these blanks to be perfect for anglers to enjoy. 

As he lived his life, no shortcuts, no compromise, no "they're good enough", and certainly no giving up.  Only perfection.

Rest in peace, Tom Morgan.


Jay Gardner said...

Well said, Cameron. He was a gentleman and someone we can all look up to.

michael said...

His generous spirit will be missed! I'm sure there are countless people who enjoyed brief and/or lengthy interactions with Tom. He was so free with his knowledge! I feel grateful to have one of his aforementioned fiberglass rods and will say that it was definitely worth the wait.