Friday, July 7, 2017

SWIFT FLY FISHING - Epic 686 "Starsky"

It's great to see that fly rod builder Trevor Bourne (more on him HERE and HERE) continues to mix things up at Swift Fly Fishing to not get bored working through Studio Builds orders and recently finished a limited edition run of Epic 686 "Starsky" builds that are kind blowing my mind.   

It's no secret that the Epic 686 is one of my most favorite fly rods and this build out hits all the visual high points of being something special.

There are a couple of these Epic 686 "Starsky" builds left to purchase so don't delay.  Visit the website for more images and information on these special builds.


Ralph Long said...

That is a really neat looking build. I really like it a lot.

Cameron Mortenson said...

Ralph... I agree. I liked it so much that I asked if they'd make me an Epic 580 in the same style. More on that later...